Financial Sacrifices Now = Financial Freedom Later

You had your path to financial freedom all mapped out.

You were committed to the plan and marched in with a full head of steam.

The first 30 days came and went and then you looked at the results. Ugh. Things didn’t turn out how you’d hoped.

Your budget was a mess and you overspent in several categories. You even ended up using your credit card as a crutch.

You then became frustrated and decided that budgeting just isn’t for you.

Well guess what? Budgeting is for you. The 8 Steps to Financial Freedom can work. You just need to give them a fighting chance.

This Stuff Takes Time

If you take a good look at your financial history, you’ll see that it took years to accumulate your debt.

Your financial habits, both good and bad,were forged over your entire lifetime, not just the last few months.

So why get bummed over things that didn’t go right after only a 30-day period?

True financial freedom is going to take much longer than 30 days to achieve.

Just as it took you several years to accumulate debt, it can take just as long to get out of it.

Your bad spending habits aren’t going to go away overnight. You need to work on them cautiously and meticulously.

Attempt to learn these new financial habits like you would song lyrics. The first time you try to sing along, you’re bound to mess up a ton words. The second time, you might hear a few words that you missed the first time through so you correct your mistakes. You just keep repeating and repeating until you can ultimately sing the entire song flawlessly.

That method can easily be applied to any new habits that you are trying to create. You just need to keep at them. Don’t get down on yourself for not knowing everything, just strive to improve.

You should also constantly remind yourself of what your new financial future will hold.

Just imagine your budget without debt payments. How much money would that free up? How would you save it? What goals would you fund?

To achieve financial freedom, you may need to buckle down for a few months or even a few years. However, that sacrifice is extremely small when you compare it to the lifetime of freedom that you’ll achieve when done.



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